It’s Official: Obama’s Recovery Weaker Than Bush’s Recession, Yet News is All on Ben Affleck as Batman


Most people really don’t care and that is why our country is failing.
Check it out:

The economic news. “Incomes Have Dropped…” Get this now, this is from the Weekly Standard. Listen carefully to this. “Incomes Have Dropped Twice as Much During the ‘Recovery’ as During the Recession.” According to Obama and the official recession agency out there… the recession ended in 2009, and that’s when the recovery began. But — as you know and I know — there hasn’t been a recovery, but in official Washington vernacular the recovery from the Bush recession began in June of 2009. This is a powerful statistic. Incomes have dropped twice as much during Obama’s recovery as they dropped during the Bush recession.

It’s bad out there. New home sales have taken their biggest plunge since 2010. “New Home Sales Hammered, Prompting Doubts About Recovery.” That’s the CNBC headline.

But this, my friends, is the real state of the nation. This right there. Have you heard that Ben Affleck has gotten the role as the next Batman? The movie to debut in theaters in 2015. That’s the news that has really upset Americans. Of everything going on, that’s the news. I kid you not. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have signed petitions to remove Ben Affleck from the role, and there is a petition at the White House calling for Obama to denounce the selection of Ben Affleck. I’m not kidding you. There is a petition presented to the White House by the American people demanding that Obama denounce the selection of Ben Affleck.



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