Liberals seem to be able to excuse almost any bad behavior.
Check it out:

Anywhere else, they’d be called rapists. But in those hallowed halls of higher learning, they’re called “graduates”. That’s because Yale doesn’t have a policy of expelling students for what an in-house report blandly calls “non-consensual sex”. I guess Whoopi Goldberg would say it “wasn’t rape-rape”.

The report states that of 6 people identified as having had “non-consensual sex”, 5 of them either graduated or are expected to return in the fall. One was suspended, but only for one year. What consequence did the others receive? Probation or a written reprimand.

“It’s really irresponsible [for Yale] to let known perpetrators of rape stay on campus alongside the survivor and alongside other students who could potentially be victimized in the future,” said Hannah Slater (’13 YSPH ’14). “They’re not making the campus a safer place.”

She’s exactly right.

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