Investigation suggests ‘multiple partners’ coming norm


Will it ever end?
Check it out:

A British organization is suggesting that monogamy is out of date and “multiple partners’ is the coming norm, says a report from The Christian Institute.

Now that many nations have abandoned the biblical concept of marriage being between one man and one woman, given formalized government support for same-sex duos in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States in recent days, BBC show host Jo Fidgen openly is questioning whether there still is room for sexual fidelity in a “society where choice is everything.”

Several prominent individuals in those nations have warned lately that society’s fast adoption of same-sex “marriage” would break down any barriers to the concept of polygamy, too.

According to Institute, the BBC program “neglects to examine the effects of polyamorous relationships on children and the show’s presenter said she didn’t want to ‘get into a debate about what’s best for society or whether we are genetically programmed to have one partner or many.’”



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