If We Can’t Even Reach Out to the Millennials, Our Own Children, How Are We Gonna Reach Out to the Hispanics?


We don’t need to change conservative values.
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I was just thinking, if we can’t even reach out to the Millennials, our own children, how are we gonna reach out to the Hispanics? I mean, if you’re the Republican Party, and you can’t even reach out to your own kids and turn them around, if you can’t even reach out to your own Millennial generation and give them the truth about things, how in the world are you gonna reach out to Hispanics?

You know, Moynihan, Senator Moynihan, Daniel Moynihan came up with this phrase, “defining deviance down.” And what that meant was that as crime and malfeasance and general cultural decay continued to get worse, our inability to stop it caused us to just claim it to be normal. So increased murder rate, normal. Increased crime rate, normal. More bank robberies, whatever it was, teenage births, the new normal. We can’t stop it. We can’t deal with it, so we just define deviancy down. So what used to be deviancy is the new normal.

Well, what we are watching in real time here is the future of our country being defined down, by virtue of the fact that so many people are losing faith in it. And I know you agree with me, but what’s maddening about that is there’s nothing wrong with the country. It’s what’s being done to it that is wrong, and if anybody needs to be losing faith with anything, it’s with policies that come out of the Democrat Party. That’s what people need to lose faith in. But if the Republican Party isn’t gonna stand up and say that, what do you expect to happen?

The Republican Party is an opposition party. The Republican Party ought to be standing up every day and telling people what’s wrong with Obama’s economic policies. But they can’t get past Obama’s race. They’re cowed. They’re scared to go anywhere near criticism of Obama because of his race. In normal times, you have a Democrat Party trying to remake and transform the country with these idiotic policies, the Republican Party would be standing up and telling people what’s idiotic about them and pointing out alternatives and giving people something to think about. It isn’t happening.



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