If the Majority of the American People are Against Obamacare, Why are the Republicans So Afraid to Oppose It?


Bunch of wimps is the problem. Time to elect conservatives.
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So there are a lot of subsidies in Obamacare. There’s a lot of Santa Claus. And I am trying to understand the Republican Party. I’m going beyond what they say, McCain, whoever else, McConnell. Why are they afraid to even express opposition to Obamacare, I mean, in a believable, powerful way that would reach out and connect with what is a majority of the American people. It could well be that they have now resigned themselves to the inevitability of full-fledged Obamacare. And that means subsidies. That means it’s an entitlement, folks. That means there are giveaways from Obama’s stash. There are subsidies that a lot of Americans can qualify for at the exchanges, and maybe — I’m just speculating — maybe the Republicans are just scared to death that people are gonna like this once they see it, and they’re just scared to death of being on the record opposing it.

They don’t want to give the Democrats any potential TV ad material. ‘Cause they’re afraid the American people might end up liking it, like they like Social Security. They might end up liking it like they like Medicare. So you could draw an analogy. The Republicans know the Democrats are always gonna be Santa Claus. The Democrats are Santa Claus, and the Republicans are never gonna be Santa Claus. But maybe, just maybe, if they ask nicely, the Democrats will let the Republicans be the elves at the North Pole. You know, seen as working hard to help Santa Claus deliver the toys, the subsidies.

Even if they don’t get the top billing. Maybe they can be Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Maybe they can be the elves while the Democrats are Santa Claus. And they are seen by people as — I’m using an analogy here that may explain what the Republicans are attempting to do here. Because it’s obvious they’re in a defensive posture. They’re more than hesitant. They’re reluctant to really, really come out at this stage against it. So maybe they look at the polls and they see a majority of the American people oppose it now but they don’t think they will once it gets fully implemented. Not all, but, you know, a lot of Americans, low-information, typical Democrat voters.



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