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  • douber1

    we should defund all paychecks for congress till this is resolved PERIOD

    • Centurian2010


    • louluna

      Yea but they still go t all that income coming in from insider trading and kick backs that are handed over in a brown paper bag

  • JohnHD

    This is a question that I have been asking and no one will give a simple answer to it. If the Congress passes a Bill that defunds Obamacare, and the Sensate passes it and sends it to the President who vetoes it. Why is it that the Republicans will be blaimed for shutting down the government? After all it is Obama who will not pass the Bill into law. He is the one who should be blaimed for shutting down the government.

    • RubyBlu

      … a hissy-fit?

      • The happy warrior

        Once Obama was speaking and Clinton was on hand at about 5:30pm. Our 9-5 pres told the gathering he had to go upstairs for supper and he left Clinton to finish. We found out later that o had to go home to change his female type napkin so he would feel better. Bless his heart.

  • The happy warrior

    The fact that the Repubs will probably get blamed for shutting down the gov is testament to the fact that the country is run by dishonorable leaders in a democracy of incompenant voters. The demos worked for years to get people this dumbed down. It shows how hard it is for the Repubs to fix anything. Actual the demos have getting away with lies for decades

    Time to only allow honorable people to run for office. Honorable people would not get away with the lies involved. Start with Repubs and build support and go after demos. Once demos comply some may actually qualify as Dems. Demos are demonstration models and will anything to gain power

  • disqus_bt9O5S2j9R

    Obama is a master liar who learned his trade from the Nazis. If the MSM was honest, they would expose him for the fraud he is.

  • VanceJ

    Revenge, and to try and make Republicans look bad

  • ladybug

    Funny how blame is never placed where it really is! And bo will NEVER accept the fact that ALL OUR REALLY BIG PROBLEMS, scandals, money, truths, started on his watch. Oh the lies this guy can tell! HE would be better off with new speech writers and less Valerie input. We know how all works, except we are the NOT moochers and we care about OUR country. Which sorry to say is NOT his!

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      If you tell a lie often enough and convincingly enough, it becomes the truth. (Rule #1 at propaganda school.)

  • ADRoberts

    Just like the sequester, which the Republicans allowed Obama to decide where the cuts were to be made, Obama is ALL ABOUT seeing how much HURT he can cause and a way to spin it that “it is the REpublicans’ Fault”.
    And the low-information, low IQ, welfare people BUY IT.

  • vet

    If Obamacare is Defunded, Why Would Obama Shut Down the Government?
    I have ask myself that very question several times.Of course I never did get an answer,I’m not a liberal and logic to a liberal is meaningless.

  • shannon853

    why? because he is a spoiled brat not getting his way. a honest congress would over ride his powers and charge him with treason.