If Obamacare is Defunded, Why Would Obama Shut Down the Government?


Obama will do whatever it takes to gather power.
Check it out:

This is Saturday. The White House YouTube channel, President Obama and the Saturday address. This is the old Saturday radio address that now goes out on YouTube, and in this address, Obama accuses Republicans of gumming up the works on Obamacare. Never mind that it is Obama blocking implementation of this plan more than anybody else. I mean, can we agree on that? It’s the regime that is blocking implementation. It’s the regime granting waivers. It’s the regime that is delaying all the mandates.

And yet — and this is right here, this is Limbaugh Theorem. This is Obama not governing. He’s not the president. He’s on vacation. He’s campaigning. He’s hoping that the country gets fixed. He’s working very hard. He wants everybody to have cheap, affordable health care, and the Republicans, damn it, they just don’t want you to have health care. The Republicans don’t want you to have anything. They don’t want you be happy. They don’t want you to have anything, to be able to buy anything. They don’t want you to have health care. They’d be happy if you just die. And here’s how it works.



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