ID Required to Buy Nail Polish Remover, But Not to Vote


Since people can get high off of gasoline fumes when will liberals want to make that illegal? You can’t stop stupid people from stupid behavior, but that is no reason to make it hard on the rest of us.
Check it out:

Just in time for the final season of “Breaking Bad,” CVS executives are making sure they are not helping any future Walter White’s shopping in their stores.

Nail polish remover has become an age restricted, controlled substance.

A week ago, CVS has instituted a policy in the Washington D.C. region that anyone who purchases nail polish remover from one of their stores will have their ID scanned and their purchases tracked.

Nail polish is removed by acetone, a colorless, flammable liquid which is also used as paint thinner and it would seem, as an ingredient necessary for making methamphetamine.

Although it is not the law, CVS has made the decision to implement the policy chain wide. The stores in the northeast are already encountering the identification check and soon others across the country will as well.



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