I Don’t Want Anything from the Government


Would be nice if government would just stay out of our lives.
Check it out:

I think this is probably what cuts through all of the thinking that I’m doing. Snerdley said to me, “You don’t want anything from government. Other than to be left alone, you don’t want anything. You want your taxes cut, and you want to be left alone.” He said, “Rush, most people want something.” And I have to admit that’s true, and that’s the result of 50 years of being promised things. It’s gotten to the point now where the wants have become expectations. So it’s a relevant aspect.

Some of it’s how you raise them. In our family, in our town, government wasn’t where you went to get anything. It just wasn’t. But you go to any federal building today or state building and they’re swarmed with people, not people that work. They’re swarmed with people who go in to sign up for this program or that program or pick up a check. They’re literally swarmed. The parking lots necessary for state and federal office buildings dwarf those or similar to those of stadiums. But he’s right. It’s a big difference. Government was never where you went for anything.

In fact, I’ll never forget, we had a good friend who was a farmer. His name was Norman Weiss. And he ended up somehow producing butter that ended up in the welfare program, and he brought some of it by, and the government butter that ended up — this is in the fifties, folks, I’m single digit age. I remember my mom and dad looking at this butter and tasting it, it was unlike anything they could buy in a store. It was delicious. It was just great. It was prime butter. And it was government, but that’s my first memory of government-provided stuff. And my parents going on and on about how much better it was than what they could buy in the store. I guess that’s why Norman brought it over, you know, just to show us that. But government was the last place anybody looked for anything. And today, of course, that’s just massively different.



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