There is nothing liberals do not want to be involved in.
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Have you ever tried to get food into the mouth of a child? If the kids in your life are anything like the kids in my life, it’s an uphill task that involves bribery (one bite of peas and I’ll…), humiliation (if you eat one spaghetti noodle, I will stand up in the middle of this restaurant and sing the spaghetti song), threats (if you don’t take this bite, you’re loosing your Moopsy Bear AND.I.MEAN.IT!!!!), bargaining (okay, okay, okay, if you smell this piece of broccoli, you can have my iPad!), and…well, you get the picture. It’s not something that most kids do easily on their own. So, here lies the problem with FLOTUS and her mission to end childhood obesity. She thinks that if the government takes CONTROL of public school lunches and forces children to eat restricted-calorie lunches of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, that our problems will be solved.

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