Why are Feminists Judging Miley Cyrus?


This is the liberal lifestyle so it is confusing why they don’t love it.
Check it out:

To listen to all these “progressive” women whose ideology, whose feminism promotes this kind of stuff in young women is the bottom line. All of this permissiveness, “Do whatever you want to do. We can’t judge anybody’s morality!” It leads to this, and then this, all of a sudden they express outrage over it. Is it simply because their daughters watched Hannah Montana, and they can’t believe that this is what Hannah Montana has become?

Remember, Hannah Montana was clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, right? Well, at one time Madonna was somebody’s cute little girl, too. Every woman is somebody’s cute little girl at some point. But this feminism stuff, folks, it hasn’t gone away. It’s taken root on campus, and it is radical, and it is based in what most people would classify as sexual perversion. It’s rooted in that.

The feminist leadership that sponsors such things, they have their own issues that motivate them and inspire them and they’re enraged to begin with — and they’re angry to begin with. They’re unhappy to begin with. It’s a true mess, and every day we keep thinking that at some point we’re gonna reach the bottom. At some point we’re all gonna recognize we’re in the gutter and say, “This is low enough,” and we haven’t gotten there.

Now, the reaction to Miley Cyrus from so many different circles of life, is intriguing to me. The women that I thought would be standing up and defending her right to do it and telling all of us to stop being Neanderthals and get with it and understand what performance art is, are the ones standing up the loudest and ripping it to shreds.



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