Explaining the Millennial Malaise


Liberals want everyone dependent on government.
Check it out:

A big part of the American dream has always been upward mobility. But upward mobility is being mocked because it’s unfair, because not everybody does it. It’s not tolerated. It’s not permitted, because not everybody can. I tell you what, she was so right on the money that I’m jealous. It is rare that a caller… Not caller.

It’s rare that anybody comes up with something that I haven’t thought of myself. But, boy, did she. Her generation… She heard me talk about this massive pessimism that has swept over Millennials and, well, people in general, but young people particularly. The depression, this fog bank of pessimism that seems to be blanketing everybody. And her point was we’re being told we’ve got no choice. If my parents were alcoholics, I’m gonna be one. If my parents are bipolar, I’m gonna be one.

We have no free will.

We can’t make anything of ourselves.

We’re just got no choice. There isn’t any possibility to succeed. We’re hearing how rotten the country is. We’re hearing how unjust and unfair the country is. There’s no chance for us. We keep hearing that the days of each generation doing better than its parents are over (and she’s right). People are inundated with a never-ending stream of pessimism and negativity from the Democrat Party, from the American media — and, let’s face it, probably quite a few people in general.

Because, as we all know, pessimism is easy.

Negativism is easy.



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