Egypt Braces for Violence As Brotherhood Calls Rally


Why should I be upset that a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists are getting killed?
Check it out:

Tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters stormed the streets of Cairo Friday, some chanting “down with military rule!” as the embattled country braced for more protests over a crackdown on Islamists.

Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi marched in several Cairo neighborhoods and other towns across the country, protesting a military-imposed state of emergency after massive bloodshed earlier this week.

The protesters poured out of mosques after traditional mid-day prayers, responding to the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for a “Day of Rage” as armored military vehicles sealed off main squares in the Egyptian capital and troops with machineguns stood at the ready on key junctions.

Witnesses say tear gas was fired and shots rang out in a main Cairo square Friday, according to a Reuters report. State television reported that Egypt’s army and police will deal firmly with any violation of the law, as security tightened around the country. The military is deploying to guard “vital installations, “according to the state media report.



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