Do Liberals Really Believe in Liberalism?


They make it so the liberals who are dependent on government love it.
Check it out:

You have the queen bee and her court and so forth, and those are the leaders, and those people, they know full well what they’re doing is the permanent acquisition of and never-ending hold on power.

They know that what they’re doing is guaranteed to keep people in need, dependent, and underclass.

Next, you get the worker bees and just the standard, ordinary, faceless, nameless liberals. They buy it all. They believe that everything liberal is gonna make everything fair and just and equal, and they believe in this utopia. The leaders — the queen bee, the head honcho, ants, whatever — promote this notion among the idiots that are the worker bees or the carpenter ants or what have you. I mean, they exploit them. These are young liberals. They’re idealists. They believe all of this stuff and they’re fully exploited.

But the people that run this show know full well what they’re doing.

They don’t care.

Their permanent hold on power is the success, not what happens to the country.



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