Dems Don’t Think They’re Invincible


A liberal is a liberal. Even RINO’s are bad!
Check it out:

CALLER: Rush, thank you for taking my call, buddy. Hey, say, the reason for my call is because what I see in this country and the majority of the American voters is that the Democrat Party can put any moron up there for president, and America’s gonna vote for ’em. I’m worried, Rush, and I’m just not sure how we can combat this; what we need to do, you know, long term. I think short term, it’s not gonna turn around. It’s gonna stay the same. I think the majority of American voters are still gonna be people on the take. And, you know, what do we do, Rush?

RUSH: I think we nominate Miley Cyrus.

She can help in rebranding the party.

She can call attention to the party, she can make us look progressive — well, by “progressive,” I mean “advanced.” I don’t mean progressive as in liberal. She’ll make us look tolerant, hip. If not nominate her, and have her as the official performance on the night that our candidate is nominated — or maybe the night before. I don’t know which. Anyway, seriously, Randy, your call’s kind of a little bit out of place here, I’m sorry, in terms of what the Republican Party can do in terms of a nominee.

The Democrats can’t put any moron up and win. I know what you mean by that, but they can’t. They need things to align, and they can generally ensure that those things do align, but the mistake that everybody’s making here is that they’re invincible, and I tried to make the point yesterday. A lot of Democrats — not a lot, but sizeable number — privately told me, folks, they’re worried things. They’re not in Fat City, like you might think they are, or like you would think you would be if you were in their shoes right now.



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