Democrat Hypocrisy on Syria and Iraq


My biggest worry about this is that Obama is in charge and we have zero reason to trust him.
Check it out:

This is probably gonna offend some people. I know it’s gonna offend people in the media. If you ask me, if you look at what happened to Libya, if you look at closing 21 embassies, if you look at now Syria, it is obvious to me that the people who are our enemies (the Iranians, throw them into there) have got to realize that the guy in the White House… I don’t want to use the word “patsy,” but, man, it’s close.

The thing about this, the Syria argument, is I made the point earlier in sound bites that Obama and Kerry and all these Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites. Back in 2002, they were all accusing Bush of going into Iraq as a distraction because the recession was occurring and the economy was not that good and coming out of 9/11, and they were trying to paint the picture of Bush as an incompetent buffoon.

He was a stupid, dangerous, reckless cowboy. They were claiming that Bush didn’t have any idea what he was doing. He was very, very dangerous. What was really happening back then in 2002 was that Bush did everything these guys are not doing in Syria. He went to the UN, he got a coalition, he put together partners. He went to Congress and got a use-of-force authorization. None of that has happened here. None of it!

In fact, in 2002, there were two use-of-force authorizations, because the first one the Democrats didn’t all vote the “right” way on it. Public sentiment in 2002 was, by a vast majority, in favor of retaliating for 9/11. Iraq didn’t start ’til 2003, but Bush was selling it in speech after speech, and the American public supported it. Well, the Democrats thought they were gonna win the 2002 midterms by opposing it all.

They found out they were on the wrong side. The Wellstone memorial backfired on ’em, and they lost big in the 2002 midterms, and they wanted a do-over on the use-of-force authorization, and they got it so that they could be on record as being on the same side as the American people. Even after that, it didn’t take long before they were trying to destroy Bush on lying to them and misleading them, not just about weapons of mass destruction, but on everything.



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