CNN raises alarm over Cruz’ eligibility


Now it matters? Don’t we have precedence that it doesn’t mean a thing?
Check it out:

CNN, which like other legacy media outlets largely has dealt with questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to be president by ignoring the question, suddenly is concerned over the same question about a conservative, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

In a video story, Wolf Blitzer and Athena Jones discuss their doubts.

After confirming that several constitutional law experts believe Cruz would be eligible to be president, they point out the firebrand who has challenged the Internal Revenue Service and Obama’s political appointees “wasn’t born in the United States.”

They report his birth in Canada to a U.S. citizen mother and a Cuban father.

“He’s taken the Senate by storm, stirring up controversy and ruffling feathers on both sides of the aisle in his first months on the job,” Blitzer reports. “For that Ted Cruz is a tea-party favorite already generating lots of buzz about the 2016 race for the White House. However, the question isn’t only will he run, but can he run under the U.S. Constitution?”



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