Chevy Volt Sales Continue to Disappoint


It would be nice if the free market would decide these things instead of the government trying to push their agenda.
Check it out:

Last year, CEO Dan Akerson told Detroit News that if they can average 2,000 or 3,000 Chevy Volt sales a month, all the criticism of the Volt would “fade to black.” So let’s check in with some sales figures to see how the government subsidized, fire-prone car is doing.

According to Autoblog, 1,788 Chevy Volts sold in July. Not only falling short of 2k in sales but very short of 3k in sales, the Nissan Leaf beat out the Volt with 1,864 sales last month. So far to date, the Leaf is outselling the Volt with yearly totals of 11,703 (Leaf) and 11,643 (Volt). The Leaf is the electric car offered by Nissan.

But it get’s worse. In June, Chevy added an additional incentive of $5K on Volt sales. That incentive is on top of the already existing $7.5K government credit when purchasing the Volt. How in the world is the car making any money?



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