C-SPAN Asks: Is Rush Right About Why All Washington, DC Mayors Are Corrupt?


Rush nails it.
Check it out:

The question was posed, why are all Washington mayors corrupt? And I said they’re all liberal Democrats. But you can ask the same question of Detroit. You can ask the same question of any city or town or any institution that is run by liberal Democrats, and I guarantee you, it is gonna be rife with corruption. It’s gonna be broke. It’s gonna have a bunch of people who are not working in it. It’s gonna have all-powerful unions. It’s gonna be paying pensions and health care for people who stopped working years ago and who expect to continue to be paid long after they stop working. It’s what it is. I just wanted to play it for you because she had to rush in and defend these liberal Democrats. “Oh, it’s not just liberal Democrats, it’s everybody in politics.”



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