Busting the Tip and Gipper Myth

Liberals for some reason are just allowed to make things up.
Check it out:

This kind of burns me up, folks. Ronald Reagan, as you well know, won an historic landslides, 45- and 49-state landslides. The Democrat Party obstructed or tried to obstruct Reagan nonstop, which is their job. Don’t misunderstand. The idea that there was some kind of cooperation, comity, getting along, is BS. There wasn’t. Tip O’Neill insulted Ronald Reagan frequently, in public. He called him “an amiable dunce.”

I have some quotes here. “O’Neill said,” of Reagan, “‘He has no concern, no regard, no care for the little man of America, and I understand that: Because of his lifestyle, he never meets those people.’ Reagan, according to O’Neill, was ‘callous,’ ‘a real Ebenezer Scrooge,’ ‘a cheerleader for selfishness.’ His administration had ‘made a target of the politically weak, the poor, the working people.’ His policies were just ‘one big Christmas party for the rich.'” That’s Tip O’Neill.

Tip and the Gipper.

Here’s another, from 1984: “The evil is in the White House at the present time. And that evil is a man who has no care and no concern for the working class of America and the future generations of America, and who likes to ride a horse. He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s got ice water for blood.” Oh, yeah! Tip and the Gipper. That’s Tip O’Neill talking about Reagan in 1984. He said of Reagan,

“He only works three to three-and-a-half hours a day. He doesn’t do his homework. He doesn’t read his briefing papers. It’s sinful that this man is president of the United States. He lacks the knowledge that he should have, on every sphere, whether it’s the domestic or whether it’s the international sphere.” In his own memoir, O’Neill wrote, “I’ve known every president since Harry Truman, and there’s no question in my mind that Reagan was the worst.”

So now Matthews is writing a book Tipper and the Gipper, or Tip and the Gipper, about how that was “when politics worked.” I’m telling you, folks, all this is — whether Matthews even knows it or not — is an effort to impact Republicans today. It’s an attack on Republicans. It establishes this myth that Reagan and Tip mighta disagreed on things, but they were best buds, drank beer all the time! What a yuk yuk, as opposed to these mean-spirited Republicans today, racist bigots who won’t cooperate with Democrats or Obama because he’s black.

That’s Matthews’ message every night on his show.



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