Boehner going the right way for a booting?


We need a conservative takeover.
Check it out:

Leftist activists booing GOP House Speaker John Boehner in New York should come as no surprise, but what about when the boos are coming from fellow Republicans?

On Capitol Hill, tea-party Republicans have demonstrated a willingness to buck Boehner and GOP leadership on a number of issues; and at home, many activists are increasingly turning against the Ohio Republican, whom they see as part of the GOP “establishment.”

Bloomberg, for example, reports since 2010 a bloc of 41 House Republicans, or about 1 in 5 members of the GOP majority, have repeatedly voted against House leadership.

And Earlier this year, Boehner had to survive what some reported as a “coup” attempt, when roughly a dozen of his GOP colleagues voted against or withheld their vote in protest of his re-election as speaker.

CNN reported, “The small number of defections amounted to a tiny percentage, but it was still the largest number opposing the re-election of a House speaker in recent history.”



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