Maybe giving people a job instead of a house would be a good start.
Check it out:

America’s nanny state mayor, Michael Bloomberg, suggested his latest big government project Friday – fingerprinting residents of public housing so they can get into their homes.

The New York City mayor suggested this big brother tactic during his weekly radio appearance on WOR’s ”The John Gambling Show.”

“What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in. And of course there’s an allegation that some of these apartments aren’t occupied by the people who originally have the lease,” he told Gambling. He added that while the number of residents in public housing is only about 5 percent of the total population, that group accounts for about 20 percent of the city’s crime.

He also noted that public housing residents want to see an increase in security to keep crime down: “We’ve just gotta find some ways to keep bringing crime down there,” he said.

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