Big Brother cops crush push to impeach


No real explanation given.
Check it out:

Thousands of Americans have participated in numerous Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment rallies across the nation over the past few weeks – and now there’s word of several arrests and police intimidation of citizens who peacefully protest on public walkways.

WND reported that Americans were staging protests on freeway overpasses and calling for Obama’s impeachment when the movement first launched.

Now, police have responded to some protest sites after reports of profanity and items being thrown from overpasses. Protester and organizer Lisa Zimmerman said none of these claims have been substantiated, and there is a concerted effort to shut the protests down. In two separate incidents, three overpass protesters have been arrested.

It’s finally here! “Impeachable Offenses” is the first draft of the articles of impeachment!

At a rally west of St. Louis, Mo., Mark Messmer and Duane Weed were arrested. The incident was caught on a YouTube video that’s racking up about 50,000 views per day.

As seen in the video posted online, the protesters, while standing on a public sidewalk, asked repeatedly what law they were breaking and why they were being asked to leave.

One officer can be heard saying, “I’ve been polite and asked you to leave the overpass.”



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