Behind Putin’s Campaign Against Gays


Quite interesting.
Check it out:

I’ve got a story here from BuzzFeed on why Russia turned against gays. And it’s actually a pretty fascinating story about Putin. And this story, as far as it goes, makes the point here that Putin decided in the early stages of his reign — that would be r-e-i-g-n for those of you in Rio Linda — that he would rule with no apparent ideology.

“Three months before Russia’s parliament unanimously passed a federal law banning the propaganda of ‘non-traditional relationships’ — that is, same-sex ones — the bill’s sponsor went on the country’s most respected interview show to explain her reasoning. ‘Analyzing all the circumstances, and the particularity of territorial Russia and her survival…I came to the conclusion that if today we want to resolve the demographic crisis, we need to, excuse me, tighten the belt on certain moral values and information, so that giving birth and raising children become fully valued.'” This is a Russian female lawmaker by the name of Yelena Mizulina. And she told this to our old buddy Vladimir Posner. Did you know Vladimir Posner’s still alive?

Do you know what Vladimir Posner is? Oh, dawn, Vladimir Posner is a former KGB agent who became a go-to guy for Ted Koppel and ABC’s Nightline. He and another KGB agent disguised as an ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, these guys, I loved ’em, they were as American as you and me. I even interviewed, when I went to Sacramento, had my show there, they sent me to Washington. They were so insistent that I do interviews and have guests. So they sent me to Washington for a week, and I did the program from the ABC broadcast center which was on DeSales Street right across from the Mayflower Hotel. And since I had to do this, I wanted to get Vitaly Churkin.



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