Barack Obama Makes More Gaffes than George W. Bush and Sarah Palin Combined


It’s amazing what they’ll call out conservatives for.
Check it out:

My only point is, he did it. And that’s fine and dandy. You can say, “Meh, we’re making a little bit too much of it, because he was in the ballpark or whatever.” My only point with all of this is that the media tries to destroy Republicans who make little faux pas like that and they start telling everybody how dumb and stupid or uncaring they are. They’re so self-absorbed, so selfish and so forth. With Obama, it’s always, “There’s nothing to see here, because he’s a dream of a guy to begin with” and all that.

“He missed the Gulf of Mexico? So what! He thinks there are 57 states? Big deal! At least he’s trying; at least he cares,” is the way it goes.

Ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s non-gaffes are just as bad. Remember when he said he would not add one dime to the deficit or he wouldn’t raise taxes on anybody making less than $200,000 a year or, “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it”? Or that Obamacare was going to drive premiums down, or the private sector is doing fine? This guy’s non-gaffes are just as dangerous.



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