Bankrupt Detroit misplaces $1 million in desk drawer


Liberals don’t care about money, so they just throw it around like its monopoly money.
Check it out:

Just as Detroit was preparing for its recent bankruptcy filing – a record-setting move that pulled back the curtain on its massive public debt – it received a payment of $1 million from the local school system.

The payment was promptly put in a city hall desk drawer.

Where it was left for a month.

The stunning report of the mishandling of finances in the deeply troubled city was reported by the Detroit News.

The newspaper said it was in February when the payment arrived, was put away and not found until a month later.

“This is the way Detroit did business as it slid toward its bankruptcy filing, which it entered July 18,” the News explained.

The bankruptcy exposed $18 billion of long-term debt for a city featuring thousands of abandoned structures, broken street lights and 58-minute waits for a police response.

Kevyn Orr, the city’s emergency manager, said the payment is an example of what’s wrong.



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