Ask Every Angry Democrat Constituency Group: How Has Voting Democrat Worked Out for You?

One day liberals will realize that government is not the answer.
Check it out:

Entry-level is entry level. This whole push is nothing more than pandering. Folks, it’s just pandering to low-information people. It’s pandering to the lowest common denominator.

That’s what, if you ask me, politics has become today.

Sadly, it’s what Washington does. You know, forget party delineation, or differentiation. It’s pandering to the low-information population. It’s pandering, and they’re looking at it from the standpoint of numbers. “In this economy, there are far, far more people not doing well than there are people who are doing well — and we want the votes of a majority of people, so we’re pandering to ’em.

“We’re making ’em think we care about them. We make ’em think we’re looking out for ’em. We make ’em think we’ve got their best interests at heart.” I want you to go to any constituency group that has believed the Democrat Party has been looking out for ’em for 50 years and ask ’em how they’re doing. Ask the African-American population, “How has voting Democrat year after year worked out for you?” Ask any Democrat Party group.

The last I looked, every Democrat constituency group is enraged over something. Every group of people who votes Democrat is mad about something. They’re unhappy, they’re enraged, they’re mad. They feel cheated, mistreated, you name it. They’re not happy, they’re not laughing, and they’re not enjoying themselves, and they’re turning to the same people to fix it who have been promising them for however many years to fix it.

All they do is get pandered to.

Everybody is being dealt with on the come: “Vote for me, and I’ll fix those other guys! Vote for me, and I’ll make sure those other guys get punished! Vote for me, and I’ll see that their taxes get increased! Vote for me, and I’ll see that you get this, or you get that.” Nobody in politics has the guts to tell people that their fate and fortune rests with them. Nobody in politics. It’s amazing. It used to be that that was the exclusive province of the Democrat Party.

But now, it doesn’t seem to be anybody in Washington. All of Washington seems to be totally devoted to Washington getting bigger, Washington getting more powerful. And the way they are not is pander to the lowest common denominators in our population, which means punishing people who end up being successful because that’s what they think the low-information people want.



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