Ashton Kutcher’s Profound Speech to Kids


Somebody is about to get blacklisted in Hollywood!
Check it out:

What he said at the Teen Choice Awards is not being said to kids. Again, I’m gonna hold out the possibility that some of their parents do tell them this traditional message, but in the pop culture media they don’t hear this message. Hell, they’re all depressed. There is a fog of depression, fog bank, fog just rolled all over this country. There’s pessimism, particularly among young people, and it’s because they do not think there’s any prosperity left for them, they don’t think there’s any stuff left for them. They don’t think there’s any money to be earned; it’s all gone. Their parents or grandparents’ generation were the last ones that really had it made. And they’re certainly not hearing this kind of message from anybody in politics that they vote for.

They’re not hearing it from Obama. They’re not hearing it from any Democrat. They’re not hearing a can-do. They’re not hearing America is great. They’re not hearing about American exceptionalism. They’re not hearing anything about opportunity equals hard work. They’re not hearing the message that hard work pays off. They’re not hearing the message that having a job is a great way to become successful and prosperous. They’re not hearing about how one job’s a steppingstone to another job, where you climb, they’re not hearing this, folks. They are not hearing this. Admit it; this is one of the things that has been quietly eating away at all of us. All the things that we were raised by, all the things we were raised with growing up, they have vanished, they’re laughed at, mocked, and made fun of because it’s not possible anymore.

He also said he never quit one job until the next one was lined up. He said that there was no job that was beneath him. He didn’t say it that way. What he said was, “I never had a job in my life that I was better than.” What he’s saying is, there was no work that was beneath him. Now, I’m telling you — and I don’t want to make too big a deal out of any one of these elements, and I’m not sitting here predicting that there’s an undercurrent of anything effervescing, ready to boil over, but I am telling you that there are some things happening that haven’t been.



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