Ashton Kutcher Story Continues: What Conservative Policies are Causing Inner-City Blight?


This is driving liberals nuts.
Check it out:

Now, later on CNN, actually this is yesterday, Jake Tapper’s talking to the anchor Don Lemon about me and my praise of the actor Ashton Kutcher. Don Lemon says, “Prominent conservatives like Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, they’re singing the praises of Ashton Kutcher. But when did working hard or having a solid work ethic become only a conservative value?” So now these guys are trying to co-opt — I’ll answer that. Can somebody explain to me the last liberal who talked like Ashton Kutcher did in those sound bites? Can somebody find for me where Obama said anything similar to it?

Can you find any liberal who talks about taking any job, working hard, who doesn’t talk about benefits, who doesn’t talk about entitlements, who doesn’t talk about what you’re owed? It is, what Kutcher said, conservative values. And this exposes the bankruptcy of the left and the media on these values, that they’re all worried now that I went in there and co-opted an actor and ended up placing him on our side.



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