The Anniversary of Dr. King’s Speech Will be All About Obama


It is interesting that Obama turns both MLK and JFK totally around. He judges people by the color of their skin and cares less about the content of their character while asking what can government do for you.
Check it out:

So here we have the Los Angeles Times today, “King Anniversary Puts Spotlight on Obama.” That’s the headline. Right here it is. You don’t even need to read the newspapers anymore, folks, because I will tell you what’s going to be in them the day before they are published. It’s by Christi Parsons and Kathleen Hennessey: “King Anniversary Puts Spotlight on Obama.” And the subhead is, “And Civil Rights.” Hee-hee-hee-hee. Right there it is.

The second page of the story says he will be joined by Clinton, Carter, and… No, it doesn’t say this! It doesn’t point that out. No, it doesn’t say that Clinton and Carter and The Oprah are gonna speak. Here’s The Politico: “Obama, Race and Class.” That’s their headline the day before Obama headlines the Martin Luther King 50th anniversary shindig at the Lincoln Memorial. They say in their story, Obama’s speech is about “refocusing the political conversation ahead of this fall’s budget battles.”

What did I tell you? It’s incredible. It’s the 50th anniversary of “I hope my kids are not judged by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character.” And Obama, the headliner, is gonna turn the event into a conversation on the budget battle, a la 2012. He’s also, according to The Politico, going to tell the assembled teeming throng that he’s got their back and he’s going to attack the wealthy. Okay, now, wait a minute.

The Politico then says that “economics is a safe way to talk about race.” So the president’s got clear sailing. He can use the Martin Luther King 50th anniversary event to refocus the conversation on the budget battle that’s coming up at the end of September. He’s gonna tell the crowd that he’s got their back and he’s gonna attack the wealthy, and then they say at The Politico that the economics, that’s “a safe way to talk race,” meaning you can engage in racism if you do it in the context of class envy and class warfare.



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