An Awesome Superhero Video About… Obamacare?


It would if the super hero was able to repeal ObamaCare!
Check it out:

Would “an awesome superhero or action-movie style video” change your mind about Obamacare?

The Obama Administration has pushed Obamacare through porta-potties and bourbon festivals—and now it’s promoting a $30,000 prize pool for a video contest.

Young people may feel they are “invincible” and don’t need Obamacare, so the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has to convince them otherwise. It will award prizes to videos promoting Obamacare to young people. The Huffington Post reports that the prize money comes from “the Affordable Care Act’s education and outreach budget.” As Heritage has explained, the cost of educating the public about Obamacare is already “extraordinary—and questionable.”



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