An 18-Year-Old on Why Depressed Young People Don’t Blame Democrats for Anything


They convince young that liberalism is freedom of doing what you want with no consequences.
Check it out:

I think kids today have very good reason to be depressed, given who they voted for. The amount of the national debt that they owe, given how few of them are supposed to support as many who are gonna be retired. Wait ’til these young people, they’re already depressed, wait ’til they find out what their health care costs are gonna be and why. Wait ’til they figure that out. And then watch ’em try to blame that on Republicans, too. I know about the Republican brand and all that stuff, but they still voted for this. They voted for it. You know, so dig in.

You know, Steven Rattner the other day was talking about Detroit, the guy said (paraphrasing), “Aside from voting in elections, the people in Detroit had nothing to do with –” BS! Precisely because of voting in elections Detroit is the way it is. Rattner was trying to exempt the population of Detroit of having any responsibility of what happened. They own it! They voted for the people that destroyed that town. And it’s the same thing here. My sympathy level is not all that high. The little twerps voted for this stuff. Okay, learn it, love it, live it. But Rattner said, “Aside from voting in elections, the people of Detroit have no responsibility or culpability –” That’s 90% of it! They got exactly what they voted for. Liberals always do. They get exactly what they vote for.



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