Amish Girl and Freedom Dying of Cancer


I can see both sides here, but the ultimate decision needs to be left to the parents.
Check it out:

Parents or doctors? Who has the trump card when it comes to their rights in treating a child patient? A 10-year-old Amish girl with Leukemia is in the middle of a legal battle between her parent’s and the hospital. When I read the headline, I assumed that the Amish parents didn’t want to use modern medicine because of their…Amish-ness, and that the hospital wanted to treat her. That’s not even the case, though. The parents did try chemo. They are opting to pull their daughter out of it because of the “devastating” effects its had on her body and the risk of damage to her vital organs down the line. The doctors say that this child has an 85% chance of survival if she continues with her chemo regimen, and that if she doesn’t do chemo, she will likely die in months. But, the entire Amish family wants to try natural medicine. Even the girl herself says she doesn’t want chemo anymore. The parents are wanting to take a homeopathic course.



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