America’s Divide is Cultural, Not Racial


Liberals want us divided.
Check it out:

The Washington Post says, “Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Illustrates Nation’s Continued Racial Divide.” Now, the purpose of this story in the Washington Post is to show what a bunch of redneck, right-wing, racist hicks were at the fair. One of the most telling signs that there were a bunch of redneck, right-wing, racists at the Missouri State Fair was this: “The Wednesday crowd at the fair, which lasts 11 days in remote Sedalia, was overwhelmingly white. Some vendors played right-wing talk radio from boom boxes at their tents.”

Weeeeeeell, there you have it.

They had boom boxes with talk radio on it! They had to be racist. If they’da had boom boxes with Jay-Z playing out there about hos and b-i-itches, it wouldn’t have been racist, would it? No, it would have been art. That would have been high culture. The Washington Post piece also claimed the broomstick “that a broom stick was going up his backside” was a racist attack. That’s the whole joke. The Obama clown was supposed to be a dummy on a stick like a scarecrow, who suddenly comes alive when the bull chases. That was the schtick. That was the routine.

It’s an old rodeo tradition.

All these learned leftists who disdain American culture don’t even know that.



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