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  • jong

    I will wait for the person to show up a and testify. Beltway lawyer and truth should never be used in the same sentence. The information that has been put out was that the State Department that was shipping weapons through turkey.

  • James Maxwell

    They aren’t missing, omarxist and holder know exactly where they are currently. In the hands of
    the muszzie brotherhood as they planned all along. wonder what else they have “transferred”
    under questionable circumstances to our enemies to be used against us. Maybe they have
    move them over to the EPA, DHS, IRS or one of the other omarxist armies current in out country.

  • kabulgeorge

    Teams were assigned a similar task of rounding up Stingers shipped to the Afghans for shooting Hinds out of the sky. Russians were smart enough to leave but a good number of Stingers remained. The teams put out the word that Stingers were worth $100K. Due to the corrosive nature of the propellant, some of these were secured from the locals and blown in place because the teams didn’t think they would travel to the disposal site and they didn’t want to get BLOWED UP! And here we go again, Al’Queda is getting another load to distribute and aim as they see fit. Psychopaths with guided Missles from the infidels. Yeah baby, great foreign policy Kerry.

  • MIKE6080

    And when they show up here what will be barrys response ?

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      Blame Bush! That’s the only line he knows.

      • bluff bunny

        The NEW line is :”Blame George Zimmerman”…. for anything and everything!

  • slickzip

    Another mess ODUMBA has got us in ,,,, screw ODUMBA


    This is likely one of the MANY things that led up to the attack in Benghazi. It is probable that the missiles are from-the-shoulder-fired STINGERS. If you don’t know what a STINGER is, think of the heat-seeking missiles one jet fires at another in combat and you’ll get the picture. They are VERY accurate and VERY deadly. Picture 400 of these in the kind, peace-loving hands of Muslim Radicals near a bunch of civilian airports on a busy holiday schedule. Picture these members of the “PEACEFUL RELIGION” conspiring to launch these against a bunch of filled airliners at the same time. Could that help explain why the REGIME doesn’t want anyone to know what went down at Benghazi? If there is anything good about this scenario, it is that the STINGER has some components that have a limited shelf-life. The bad news is, those who took them KNOW that.

    • John Morgan

      We need to turn up the heat big time and find out where these things are.

  • Lorraine E

    How on earth does our government lose 400 missiles? Why were the missiles in Benghazi? And how does our government lose four trillion dollars which they can’t account for? I don’t believe anything said by our government or their puppets in the lame stream media anymore. Misinformation is not a correct word to describe what they say and should be replaced with the word “lies.”


    Why the hell were they left there? There will be some lame excuse, and it will probably all be Bush’s fault!

  • Liberty for All

    They didn’t go missing The Muslin OBAMA sold them . that why the cover up .

  • 83footsailor

    We can have OBOOMER IMPEACHABLE – on this one..

  • Freedom?

    Not to mention the missiles that went missing from Libya.

    But I guess 2 years ago was just too long ago.

    Unless these are the same missiles. Yet, once again I doubt it. Because Gaddafi’s missiles were not ours.

    The Obama admin once again helps the terrorists. Under Hillary Clintons watch. And she wants to be president and we will not impeach the current one.

    SMH. The stupid. It hurts.

  • HarryTheCat

    If these are Stingers left over from the Soviet-Afghan war, they may be more of a hazard to the shooters than they are to their targets. Still, I wouldn’t want to bet an airplane full of civilians on it. Just nuke Libya flat and be done with it. No big loss to humanity.

  • Bluebird

    Was this another Fast & Furious scheme to give missiles to our enemies? More questions and no answers.

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      To answer your question directly: NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!
      Over the past years I must have written fifty letters to my so-called elected “representatives” on the topics of securing the border, deporting criminal aliens, “fast & furious,” the Benghazi, Boston, and Ft. Hood TERRORIST ATTACKS, only to get expressions of “great concern” and BS form letters. My so-called elected “representatives” (Repubikans all) have FAILED to honor their campaign promises and their oathes of office and ignore anything resembling a direct question. Chances are, you’re as frustrated as am I, but I’ll tell you what:
      Lamar Alexander is up for reelection in 2014 and I will be out there knocking on doors, handing out campaign literature, and anything else I can do to unseat that TRAITOR. The others are toast, too, if I have my way about it.

  • Richard

    using the old adage, believe half of what you read and nothing you hear, and assuming the fear of these missiles being used against commercial type aircraft has some merit, I can think of a particular Boeing 747-200B they could test them on but, then again, maybe a lengthy beer boarding beer summit will get the truth out of a certain individual, just thinking out loud!?!?!

  • maryatlanta

    Of course Obama is unaware of any witnesses from Benghazi being told not to cooperate with Congress. This is the most “unaware” President ever! Obama will not even take responsibility for the “stand down” order – even though it was done on his watch. The buck stops right there with Obama.