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  • Maxwell Friedlander

    I saw this last night & it makes me angry. This guy should be cutoff since he has no plans on working.

  • JohnDavidHanna

    It’s 200 bucks a month, not a whole lot when you compare it to the government worker retirements which as soon as he does start working ( or his band makes some money) he will be paying the majority of his income to support them – right up until he dies.
    Government retirees don’t contribute either, their work might or might not have been helpful, and they feel they are entitled to a lot more than 50 bucks a week and will take it from you at gun point.

    • Shagnasty1

      This parasite isn’t going to start working nor is his band ever going to start making money. And if I’m wrong and either of those happen he will never pay back the money Democrats have allowed him to steal from the taxpayers. I would bet he would even continue stealing from the taxpayers, what the heck, it’s free money. I do wonder what these parasites do when the government finally runs out of other people’s money.

    • catman

      OK JDH, I happen to be a federal retiree. I spent 30 years as a law enforcement officer and have the aches and pains to prove it due to a couple of riots and a motorcycle crash at high speed. Of course I was just doing the duty I was sworn to do, so I guess in your book I am not entitled to a pension or that I made no contribution or that my work wasn’t “helpful”?? Right??

      • thegreatamerican

        I’m retired army. 23-years and most of it was on M1 tanks. I remember being told of free medical for life if I retired. I went through 8 surgeries during my service and these days have plates and screws in my back and cadaver parts in one knee. I still work a 60hr week mostly to stay active and because the free medical isn’t completely free. Also military retirement isn’t the big bucks. 200 bucks may be a drop in the bucket but if you think there aren’t a LOT more like him out there you’re mistaken. My taxes shouldn’t be used to feed this piece of crap lobster and sushi. There should be limits.

      • JohnDavidHanna

        Thank you for your service.
        The army is getting screwed almost as bad as those on SS.
        Yes the government is behaving badly. He shouldn’t be getting paid but he is also pulling your chain. How much is lobster and sushi? 50 bucks? What does he do the other 25 days? ( we know, he mooches from mom) .
        It isn’t that the army works so hard that earns our respect – it is that we all know that when the army does work they work inhumanly hard and at great risk.
        Even so with back operations you get what 70 percent disability if not one hundred. You are getting 15 – 20 times more than him and you are no longer working for it either and that would be without disability and enlisted.

        I too had a motorcycle crash trying to get to work for cheap. Broke 12 bones, uninsured (but employed at a crummy job trying to work back into a good job) and the hospital did nothing for me (other than almost kill me) but didn’t hesitate to slam an unpayable bill ruining my credit (again).

        I worked from 12 (dad had a gas station) until 60 and get the minimum in SS even though I made good money (was cheated). My county is trying to get me to retrain so I can make more money and lose 2/3 of it to taxes that pay for the retirements of others. I have some ‘others’ in my family – I know how hard they work at finding new places to vacation.

      • thegreatamerican

        Just saying there should be limits and the potus removed those limits last year. I know he’s mooching off Mom and friends for a big part but he shouldn’t be mooching off me at all. I feel when I pay my taxes they should go to people that need help not someone that wants to surf and party all the time at age 29. Where do you think he’s going to be when mom isn’t there? And as far as my “disability rating”the VA gave me 10% for my back and 10 for each knee. I will go back when it gets worse and I do have my days but there are vets that are worse off than me. I do understand where you’re coming from though. Every time I hear some federal worker getting in trouble and just retiring to a fat check it makes me wonder why? Why they get the fat check and why they’re allowed to retire to it.

  • Colo43

    They all need to be cut off. There are just to many like him.


      Learn to research. Believe nothing on face value. Just Google the rules for food stamps in Ca.

  • yaki534

    Obama’s victory!!

  • TAM44

    Typical obama scum sucking SOB…

  • Remington 870

    The system is broke and we know it, but the Dems use it to buy votes and they get away with it because there are too many in the GOP Congress who are cowards. Let’s kick them all out if possible. We have malicious voting fraud in all the swing states, so watch out.

  • armydadtexas

    And the attitude of this LEACH is the attitude of 99% of the far left wing, radical, extremist, democ -RAT Sloths in America today

    • truepatriotintx

      Yep, even God says in the bible, “if a man does not work, he should not eat!” We need to start enforcing this.

  • gbandy

    Welfare to work or better yet no work no welfare should be the law. Just look at China, cannot find a job and the Government will find you a job. Granted the job will be severe manual labor but China does not have welfare. Not such a bad idea.

  • NM Leon

    No eventually about it, there are already more people on food stamps than working.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Back in the day …..when my elderly disabled Mother and I lived together…every last dime I made counted toward her SSI food stamp allotment….we were not allowed ANYTHING and as my job earned me more money “we” lost assistance…..and now I see this “person” living the good life … his Cadillac and eats high dollar food….I don’t know where things went wrong but I am sure that Obama had something to do with it!

    • sandman

      Him and his party did for sure.

  • Patti1947

    Thanks Obama. See what kind of young generation you are encouraging by giving food stamps to able body people who just want to screw around all day and do nothing but collect food stamps from the government. Hell, this guy eats better than we do and we have worked all our lives. He isn’t the least bit embarrassed either that he is abusing the system. In fact he was laughing about it. This shows me that the government encourages these SLUGS to live off the working people. A day will come when there aren’t enough working people to pay for all the leaches our society has created. This is exactly what Obamacare is going to do for the country. All these leaches will continue to do nothing and use the healthcare system freely as they please without a care in the world. This system was created to help the real needy and disabled, not the abusers. What a sad world we have now.

    • truepatriotintx

      And then that day comes when you run out of other people’s money! AKA Greece.

  • Greg80

    Did you see what he was driving? A Cadillac.

  • MIKE6080

    NO MORE , Why should I work to support trash like this – 53 percent of the country

  • jong

    What will happen is that the Uncle Sugar checks will not come at the first of the month. Each day they will grow more angry (and hungry) that they have not been paid their entitlement. Then of course they will do the only thing that they can do. Steal, kill and riot.

    • WHBUSMC65

      Steal, kill, riot? Perhaps he then will be given a lesson on our 2nd Amendment Rights!

      • jong

        Unfortunately that is basically what it boils down to. Obamas army

      • Reelman1946

        Yes, in other countries where the arrogant apostles of socialism have rotted the economy to record debt…they start cutting back on the parasites …

        imagine welfare checks cut 25% or 50%….
        big city stores will be looted etc…
        which is why millions more have armed up since OzBama and his rich thieves have been ruling…

        Gird your loins…and Nov 2014 is going to be record turnout…bet on that…the rot has reached tens of millions who thought it would not…fear means we flush the royal congress of ALL dimdems and ALL RINOs…

        there is no room for doubt now…the data is in and America is on its knees…

        OzBama’s’ sequester, OzBama’s debt, OzBama’s jobless, OzBama’s Stampers, OzBama 100% gas hike and so on…

        Its year 5 of this punishing lying socialist fantasy…
        where OzBama pretends some GOP demons trashed the economy etc…
        the boldest liar ever simply continues to lie…and the vile corrupt media hacks continue to change his dirty diapers.

  • moberndorf

    Democrat scum. Needs his kneecaps introduced to a baseball bat.

    • mathis1689

      His head would be a better target.

  • Clockguy2

    Someone called my business yesterday and asked if I was hiring. I told them my business was so small that I didn’t even have a place for them to sit. They then asked if they could just put me down on their welfare application.

  • ARMYOF69

    I saw this deadbeat on TV strumming his guitar, and saying that basically
    “it’s great getting money from the MAN”. And this is the very same type voting for the morons in power .

    • thegreatamerican

      I also saw it. Lobster and sushi? They need to bring back the government cheese and give them a loaf of bread. You want the good stuff get a freaking job. Ebt cards are garbage and they should go back to food stamps. Maybe if they were shamed a little they wouldn’t stay on the program for life. I can’t remember the last time I was able to afford lobster for me and the family.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Correctamundoe!!! Bums voting for bums , thats a wicked circle!

  • Kimcalaho

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves. As a society, we have allowed entitlements to grow until now we have this. Yep, it is up to us to put a stop to this.

  • doza

    I guess, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em huh, dude?

  • Jack Parker

    That’s the new definition of “ni66er”. Total lack of self reliance and personal responsibility.


    It’s things like this that will put we workers over the edge. Hard to believe we haven’t reached the tipping point yet.

  • Get Real

    Total scum.

  • missnellie

    What is even more amazing is that he is one of thousands doing this….obviously he is now known but will the government catch up with him – NO!!!!!!!

  • billyjshafer

    I started working at 10 am now 63. On disability now from Agent Orange related cancer. 23 years military service and always had a job.I drive a 15 year old falling apart truck qualify for 20.00 dollars a month in food stamps. By the time I pay my bills I live on 100.00 a month. People like this guy make me sick. He needs to be stripped of all benefits and get a job.

  • Derbyhat

    Obama is not only the “welfare president, but the “fraud, waste and abuse” and the “very smart president” , according to Oprah, who seems not to have a lick of sense!

  • ProudPatr1ot

    Mr. Greenslate mentions that he has “a paycheck coming in,” but we never hear where it’s from. What’s up, Fox?

    • brs02

      I believe it was along the lines of…” as long as you don’t have a paycheck comming in you qualify.”

  • willhen50

    Holy Spicoli, Sean Penn has an shadow.

  • kimbroughs

    Well, this article dispels the myth that blacks are the only receipts of food stamps.

  • truepatriotintx

    This dude is an absolute waste of flesh! Unfortunately, he is more the norm than the exception these days. The direct reason why we have the government we have.