Liberals have really made FoxNews out to be evil.
Check it out:

Even if you resent it, you have to appreciate when reality cuts against the pundit-promoted narrative of the moment. In the wake of the verdict which found George Zimmerman not culpable for the killing of Tryavon Martin, many commentators lashed out at the justice system itself. With a nearly all-white jury, some political commentators asked how anyone could have anticipated an outcome other than full acquittal. On CNN today, it was revealed that it was the prosecution that ensured the jury would be composed primarily of white women. Why? One of the only black potential jurors being considered was nixed by the prosecution because he watched Fox News.

“Do Trayvon Martin’s parents, you think, I mean, when they look at the jury makeup and they look at the decision that jury came to, do they say, ‘Why didn’t we have an African-American on the jury? Why did we have six white women?’” asked CNN anchor Carol Costello on Tuesday.

CNN legal analyst Mark Nejame launched into a lengthy reply identifying the low percentage go black residents of Seminole County which justified the monochromatic makeup of the jury pool.

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