Zimmerman Judge Was WAY Out of Line


This judge seems to like the spotlight.
Check it out:

VAN SUSTEREN: Diana, let me go straight to you. I’m going to tell you right off the top, that judge was way out of line. The defense had not rested, had not nearly rested. And what in the world was she badgering him for and not talking to the lawyer? Way out of line! Are you — you agree with me or disagree? She should have waited.

DIANA TENNIS, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I totally agree, Greta. And what you don’t or may not realize is that was the first time she inquired of George Zimmerman regarding whether or not he was going to testify. This was the second time, and they still had two witnesses to go.

She was on a tear to get this thing done. She didn’t want to take another break later. She wanted to cover the colloquy (ph) then. And Don West, maybe he could have done it in a way to appease her, to say, We don’t think so, but we’re not sure…



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