Young Women Approve of Weiner?


To think the election isn’t until November 5th.
Check it out:

The Weiner Stack is growing. His fortunes are shrinking. In fact, there’s a piece here by Tina Brown, there’s two things here that are actually interesting. There’s a piece by Tina Brown in which she says we gotta stop with all the dickmanship. Yeah. Here it is. Tina Brown shares her thoughts on what she called “dickmanship,” and we gotta get rid of it.

And then, folks, are you ready for this? Let me find this. I’m gonna have to paraphrase it. I’m really sorry. I’m not as organized as I usually am because I had an hour and 20 — actually, it was longer than that ’cause they had to do makeup and all that, so I’ve had actually two hours, probably, of show prep taken up. Yeah. H.R. says, “We can tell you miss TV.”

“Seventy-eight Percent of Young Women Approve of Weiner — Sugar daddy dating website found that 78 percent of female clients aged 18-26 approve of Weiner.” Now, stick with me on this. These are the women, 24-year-olds who were scared to death by me. Twenty-four-year-old girls scared because — of course I’m forceful in my opinions. I’m confident. I’m self-reliant. I’m self-assured, and that frightens them, that is threatening. But these same women, 78% of young women approve of Weiner. I don’t know about older woman because this site didn’t ask anybody but this age-group. It’s the clients of this website, It’s a sugar daddy dating website, Snerdley. This is not a standard political poll.

Now, here’s the thing about this. In reality, this is not that hard to believe or understand, if you put it in context with the experience that young women are having at universities these days. Universities are 65% female enrollment, 35% of the male enrollment are either metrosexual or gay and just want to hook up when they feel like it. And we’ve had stories about the female population of college students. White women are leading the way on these hookups. And it is these women by a 78% margin that approve of Weiner because he’s no different and what he did is no different than what their daily experience is. Sexting, hooking up.



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