Will the Media Call Aaron Hernandez a “White Hispanic”?


This case is one that I am not interested in. Seems to be another example of someone getting money and letting it go to his head.
Check it out:

CALLER: My question is a sidebar to the George Zimmerman trial: When ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez comes up for trial, can we expect the mainstream media to refer to him as a “white Hispanic”?

RUSH: Excellent question. Let’s see, now. You know what? He did… The deceased in that case is an African-American.

CALLER: Yeah, there are a lot of parallels here.

RUSH: He’s an African-American, scrawny-looking guy from the pictures, versus this NFL muscleman, Incredible Hulk kind of guy. It’s not a leap to consider that he, too, Aaron Hernandez… By the way, he’s from Connecticut. You know, white people live in cold weather, so you “white Hispanic.” That door’s been opened now. It’s an excellent, excellent question. “Will the media refer to Aaron Hernandez as a ‘white Hispanic’?” Or are they even gonna care about that case? Another interesting aspect.



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