Don’t illegals automatically qualify for all benefits?
Check it out:

They’re gonna have 10 years to lose weight. Remember, they’re not gonna get Obamacare for 10 years. Ahem. Ahem. That’s what the law says. (interruption) What? (interruption) Right. That’s what the law says today, that they won’t have access to Obamacare for… It’s not even 10 years. I think it’s like 14 years, or maybe that’s to vote. But that’s today. Obama could change his mind tomorrow.

Obama can just say, “You know what? I don’t like this notion that these people have to wait a decade to be able to vote, so I’m gonna say they can vote tomorrow. In fact, we’re gonna start our voter registration tonight at McDonald’s and Burger King, and Kentucky Fried, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell.” Look, if he can just decide to punt the employer mandate, why can’t he decide to grant them the right to vote?

We sit here and laugh about this, but that’s actually very serious stuff.

I guarantee you, if a Republican president were trying this stuff with Democrat legislation, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. There would be all these howls and protests about shredding the Constitution, violating the Constitution, but there isn’t any of that with Obama. I mean, not even from very many Republicans. Instead we get these intellectual analyses of what it means constitutionally and what might happen — do this and do that and so forth. But it’s just amazing.

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