Why We Still Depend on Foreign Oil


Liberals seem to be against all energy, especially our own.
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Now, yesterday I mentioned a comment in a sort of throwaway fashion, and we had a caller who was asking me… I forget the specific issue he was asking me about, but it was something where for years, Washington, both parties have been saying something. And then when the opportunity comes to them to back it up, all of a sudden they don’t. I was explaining about how in 25 years of doing this program, things are starting to repeat now.

I’m starting to learn when politicians have said things they don’t really mean. There’s a great example of it here. I remember when I first started driving, which would be 1967, gasoline was 28¢, maybe 25¢ a gallon. And the early seventies, maybe 1970 or ’71, before I’d left home, was the first so-called shortage, and the price skyrocketed overnight to 50¢ a gallon, and that percentage increase was huge. Fifty cents was still cheap, but it was double. It was amazing.

Well, then I left home, went to Pittsburg. Nixon puts wage and price controls on, and there’s more gasoline and oil shortages there are lines and so forth, and about that time we started hearing the mantra, “We’ve got to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” and we’ve heard that from every candidate for every office for 40 years. “We gotta reduce our dependence on foreign oil!” Obama has said it. Every Republican has said it.

While our imports continued to grow, “We’ve got to reduce our imports and our dependence on foreign oil,” and we kept ramping up the relationship with the royal family of Saudi Arabia, and we bailed Kuwait out when Saddam attacked ’em. I know what it was about. It was all about maintaining the free flow of oil at market prices. But during this whole thing, every politician in the country, kept saying, “We gotta change this!



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