Why the Left Wants Your Guns


Makes total sense.
Check it out:

Why do they wish to deprive us of guns?

If they deprive us of guns, they have deprived us of one of the ways we can protect ourselves against the criminal element — and that, in turn, would make us more dependent on government for protection: The police, law enforcement authorities. What it is rooted in is if you can’t protect yourself, you have to have somebody else do it. The left wants total control. One of the reasons they hate guns is because guns offer independence.

And I am not exaggerating.

Now, they’ll tell you they hate guns ’cause they kill people and it’s vicious and it’s mean and it’s all these horrible, rotten things. But the gun to the liberal — a gun to a leftist — is a huge threat. Liberals want the government running as much of your life as possible. If you have a gun, you can protect yourself. You don’t need, at the store, the cops to show up. So if by taking away everybody’s guns, they can remove the ability to resist criminals, then the desire to stand up for one’s constitutional rights and limited government’s not far behind.

If people would willingly give up their guns and say, “Okay, I’ll give up my own self-defense and self-protection and I’ll turn it over to you” — the left figures if they could pull that off — then you’ll turn everything over to government at some point. It’s just a matter of time before you give up your whole life to them. If they can remove your individual will to resist criminals on your own and instead sit around and hope and pray that somebody from the government shows up, the police force or whatever, then they think it isn’t long before you’ll give up everything.



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