White House, Holder Promise to Fight SCOTUS on Voting Rights


Liberals are afraid their easy fraud tactics will be lost to them.
Check it out:

Civil rights activists meeting with Barack Obama and Eric Holder at the White House on Monday emerged delighted with promises made to them to counter the action of the Supreme Court in June striking down the coverage formula in Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. The ruling decided which states had to obtain clearance from the DOJ or a Washington D.C. federal court before they made any changes to voting procedures.

MSNBC host Al Sharpton stated, “We were assured by the president and the attorney general they will aggressively fight to protect the right of all Americans to vote.” He added that there was a “wound in the Voting Rights Act — but it is far from dead.”

Laura Murphy of the ACLU said the White House had committed “to use all available resources to protect the crown jewel of the civil rights movement.” The activists plan to lead registration and mobilization drives to counter voter ID laws.



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