Weiner: ‘Campaigns Are Not About the Candidates’


Character doesn’t matter to liberals. That is why he still stands a chance.
Check it out:

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner advised reporters to focus on issues rather than him at a Thursday campaign appearance, saying, “campaigns are not about the candidates.”

Weiner attempted to stay on message when questioned again by reporters about the explicit photos and texts he exchanged with a young woman after his resignation from Congress at New York City’s Voces Latina Mayoral Candidate Forum in Jackson Heights. The forum focused on women’s issues in the Hispanic community. The event attracted as many reporters as actual attendees.

Weiner went after the media, saying, “I’ll be honest with you—and this is a mistake that members of the journalism class make all the time—campaigns are not about the candidates. It may look that way—our names may be on the ballot—but this is about New Yorkers and their dreams and aspirations.”

Sydney Leathers, the woman behind the latest sexting scandal with Weiner, gave an exclusive television interview to Inside Edition.



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