Weiner Ahead in Polls Just Before Latest Scandal Hit


Liberal NYC deserves Weiner.
Check it out:

A new Quinnipiac University poll taken from July 18 through July 23 shows Anthony Weiner still ahead in the New York City Democratic mayoral primary battle, but if there is a runoff, William Thompson may be his strongest competitor, not City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Weiner garnered 26% of those polled, while Quinn received 22% and Thompson, a former city comptroller, 20%.

But in a two-man race, Thompson leads Weiner 52% to 41%. Against Quinn, it’s Thompson 51% and Quinn 42%. Thompson’s appeal is apparently based on voters’ estimation of his moral stature; 63% of those polled said he had a strong moral character as opposed to 53% for Quinn and 17% for Weiner.



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