U.S. copper mines under attack


Oh great. Hasn’t Obama ruined enough of our economy?
Check it out:

On the heels of the Obama administration clamping down on oil and gas exploration and President Obama declaring what many consider to be a war on coal, environmental groups are now urging the government to deny exploration of the world’s largest known copper reserve before the permitting process even begins.

The Pebble Mine in Alaska could produce more than 80 billion pounds of copper, an amount that could wipe out America’s need to import the element. Currently, some 35 percent of the copper used in the U.S. is brought in from foreign sources.

Dan McGroarty is president of the American Resources Policy Network. He told WND it’s no surprise that environmental groups are opposed to a Pebble Mine, but he said activists don’t even want the idea to be considered.

“It’s entirely legitimate to examine whether any mine project that’s actually put into the permitting process for its impacts and for ways to mitigate them and weigh out the competing public goods that one has. What’s dramatically different in this instance is that many environmental groups are urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to exert a unilateral power to stop the mine project from even going into the permitting process. In other words, there will be no permitting process. They would simply say the mine can’t go forward. End of story,” said McGroarty, who explained that the permitting process is a very long and detailed experience that goes over every detail of a proposal.



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