Trayvon Verdict PSA: Don’t Riot!


Liberals will make sure they get their race riots so they can use that to pass more of their liberal agenda.
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, a public service announcement here first. As you know, the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is due. I mean, they’re still not through with it, but the verdict is due rather soon, and a number of people — in fact, Mike, move forward, grab audio sound bite number six. They’re very, very concerned in Florida about riots.

CNN has a story: “Florida authorities have a message as the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial looms: Raise your voice, not your hands.” And then, three paragraphs later, listen to this. “Zimmerman is a white Hispanic.” He’s the first white Hispanic in the history of the country and he was so named by the New York Times. So desirous are they of promoting racial division, they’ve gotta call this poor guy a “white Hispanic.” And here is CNN echoing it.

Now, everybody involved here is very, very hopeful that there are riots — uhhh– that there are not riots. And so they’re putting out PSAs and everything, “Please don’t riot.” It’s like saying, “Don’t think pink.” What are you thinking? Grab the audio sound bite. We have here a PSA from Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Scott Israel released a new PSA entitled “Raise Your Voice, Not Your Hands” meant to encourage — ahem — discourage violence after the Zimmerman verdict. In the PSA you’ll hear a bunch of voices. Here we go.



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