Trayvon Inflicted “Whoop Ass” on Zimmerman Because He Thought Zimmerman was Gay


The hater with the attitude.
Check it out:

Let me go back to Piers Morgan CNN two nights ago. I keep learning things that Rachel Jeantel said. I didn’t hear the interview. I just read about it. The audio sound bites that we heard yesterday are all I’ve heard. I didn’t watch it. Apparently she said something else that’s kind of entertaining. This is from Breitbart News. “Prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel, speaking to Piers Morgan on CNN last night, explained that George Zimmerman had misunderstood the beating he was receiving from Trayvon Martin, and so had the jury in his trial.

“Zimmerman was not facing a potentially life-threatening ‘bashing,’ but simply a ‘whoop ass.'” Here’s her quote, Rachel Jeantel’s quote from Monday night on CNN: “They don’t understand, they understand, ‘Oh, he would just bash, or was kill.’ When somebody bash somebody, like, blood people, trust me, in the area I live, that’s not bashing. That’s just called ‘whoop ass.’ You just got your ass whooped. That’s what it is.”

The point that she was making was that it was Zimmerman’s fault for not understanding the cultural context in which he was being attacked. Now, those are not Rachel Jeantel’s words. She did not say that Zimmerman “didn’t understand the cultural context.” What she said was that Zimmerman didn’t understand that Trayvon Martin didn’t want to kill him. He was just doing a little whoop ass, and Zimmerman overreacted.

Now, according to this story here at Breitbart, Piers “Morgan tried to save Jeantel’s statement by asking her whether [Trayvon] Martin would have ‘whooped ass’ in self-defense.” See… She did so much that’s being ignored. Can you believe, by the way, the dramatic revelation on this program that this was not about race at all, that it was actually about homophobia. Nobody has picked that up, folks. Nobody. Nobody wants to go there.

My staff on the other side of the glass yesterday was petrified thinking that I would be destroyed today. When we left yesterday, Snerdley said, “Boy, I can’t wait ’til they hear what you said today.” I said, “You mean about the homophobia?” He said, “Yeah.” Nothing. Blissful silence. There hasn’t been any reaction to it, Snerdley. None. Zilch, zero, nada. None. Nobody is talking about it. Nobody wants to get anywhere near it, and it’s patently obvious what she said.



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