Top 5 Hillary Gaffes You Won’t See in Upcoming Clinton Miniseries


Liberals seem to be all in for Hillary in 2016.
Check it out:

NBC will produce a miniseries based on the political career of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a project sure to polish her 2016 presidential aspirations. NBC’s programming is consistently left of center, and Bob Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment chairman, donated thousands to Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid.

Just casting the gorgeous Diane Lane in the lead role is bias enough.

The project will likely sugarcoat the Whitewater investigation, HillaryCare and TravelGate, but here’s betting the following five moments get left on the cutting room floor.

Those Imaginary chats with Eleanor Roosevelt – This one seems like a visual slam dunk, the sight of the First Lady having tea with a former First Lady–in her mind, at least. Imaginary conversations wouldn’t help Clinton’s image, so these chit-chats will have to go.
The Reset Button – The so-called smartest politician in the world reached out to Russia with a gimmick so silly Carrot Top would hurl it back into his prop trunk. She brought a red “reset” button to her meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as a way to distance herself from past negative vibes. Too bad she didn’t bring her English to Russian dictionary along since she bungled the translation. The moment wasn’t just embarrassing on the surface. Her button malfunction also signaled how she would undercut our allies in the region.



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