‘The White House Doesn’t See a Path’ to Passing Immigration


This is good news for once.
Check it out:

NBC’s Chuck Todd said this morning that “the White House doesn’t see a path” to passing an immigration bill by the end of this year.

“The White House, they had been so confident they were going to sign immigration reform this year, for the first time I’m hearing that there is some doubt seeping in, that they think maybe the House won’t act. What they need is, they need something to sort of force Boehner like at the last minute bring it to the floor the same way the fiscal cliff deal happened. The problem is there is no trigger at the end of the year, there isn’t the end of this Congress there isn’t this. So I don’t know how this happens at the end of this year and suddenly now the White House doesn’t see a path,” said Todd.

“Fires all around them, no real second-term agenda when they have to deal with all these problems,” host David Gregory added.



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